I missed it. Actually, I watch so little mainstream news that I didn’t even know it was going to be broadcast.

Just to refresh your memory, it’s here.

Observations? Well, if I recall correctly, the US invented and then funded Al-Queda against the Russians. They then served as the perfect foil for the controlled demolition of three buildings in NYC in 2001 … one of which was nowhere near the other two. That gave a lagging military / industrial / political cabal a much needed shot in the arm it hadn’t enjoyed since the Vietcong ran our asses out of Saigon. It also set the stage for a gutting of the Constitution via the Patriot Act (which has been renewed a couple of times since).

Remember folks, everything Hitler did was legal under German law … because he was able to get the laws he needed written. Well, the Patriot Act makes whisking you away, never to be seen again, entirely legal as a ‘suspected terrorist’. The laws regarding habeas corpus no longer apply once you are accused of being a terrorist. You do not have the right to a public trial and no accounting for you whereabouts can ever be compelled. In fact, the government does not even have to acknowledge that they have you in custody. All perfectly legal and all approved by congress.

Come this November, even if you have no one you want to elect, aren’t there a few individuals you’d like to vote against?

According to media reports, ISIS just hit the scene and already they have a full-scale training camp conveniently located on the Syrian border that our military and intelligence organizations apparently didn’t know about earlier.

Really? Or is Obama still getting his intelligence briefings from the same newspapers you and I read?

I suspect that, with the wars in the Middle East dragging on so long*, public enthusiasm is waning and ISIS is less a real group than another construct of the US political / military machine. This one was brought into existence because claimed victories over Al-queda should be weakening them and Obama is in a “put up or shut up” position regarding his claimed intention to withdraw our troops … so the powers that be needed a stronger (sounding) foe in order to keep Americans scared and in line.
ISIS has been spun in the media as a sort of “super Al-queda”. Watch for claims that we’d be leaving the region if this new group hadn’t sprung up. BTW: the air strikes Obama is referring to are illegal under international law (which the US had a hand in writing and long ago agreed to abide by) and that makes him a war criminal. The arrogance of that man and the arrogance of the vast majority of Americans … fueled by their ignorance … is disgusting.

I’m calling it ISIS because that was the term first used. I don’t think that the terrorists changed their name … I think that political correctness run amuck resulted in the change: mustn’t have the name of a pagan goddess referring to an Islamic terrorist organization, you know. Might piss ’em off.

Maybe I’m reading more into this than is actually there … but it strikes me as odd how this group has allegedly been kidnapping journalists for years and we are only now learning of them just ahead of mid-term elections. Hadn’t the news organizations noticed their absence before now?

If the public is whipped up into an outrage over ISIS/ISL, then Republicans running for office in the mid-terms can’t use “the forever war” against Democratic incumbents.

Keep your eyes on the ball, folks: nothing happens by accident.

*thirteen years and counting … longer than both world wars combined


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