I see where the media are characterizing the guy who took a hatchet to a group of NYC policemen as being a “self radicalizing” Islamist.


They point to his online search patterns and say, “See … here’s where he learned all this evil stuff!”. I point to his empty search box and say, “See … he had a choice to make before he even looked at the first radical web site.”

Go back far enough in his search history and you will probably find porn and more porn … and something that should catch your attention … you’ll probably find job searches and maybe more than a few completed applications. Lots of companies advertise jobs that don’t exist just to determine how many people want a job before negotiating wages with existing employees. Likely he filled out at least his share of those.

When those didn’t pan out, he broadened his reading in an attempt to figure out why his best offer was never good enough to even warrant an explanation for not being hired. Along the way, it might have occurred to him that the table was tilted and that the marble was never going to land on a winning slot. So he looked for the reasons why not.

And really, why not?

I don’t care about his radical reading … I’ve read some of the most radical literature ever published (the Lincoln / Douglas debates, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of (American) Independence and its Constitution and a fair share of anarchist writings) and never turned violent. That does not mean I approve of what is going on in our country … just that I haven’t seen how violence is the correct answer to it at this point in time.

Yet this man did. To be honest, I can’t recall a time when the well-educated and well-fed would pick up a hatchet and start swinging it at a group of police officers. Obama promised “Hope” … this act of violence is a sure clue that this man, at least, was out of “Hope”. The fact that gangs are at least as big of a problem as they were in 2008 should tell us that “Hope” and “Change” were never anything more than snappy campaign slogans. It’s for sure that the gangs of Obama’s home turf, Chicago, have not been affected by it …they know what it is that “trickles down” … they’ve been pissed on and screwed over most of their lives and it is only inside the gangs that they find any possibility of being given a fair shake. It’s a slim hope, but offers a better chance than the rest of the world offers them.

I’m not crying for them. I stayed in school and I kept after my sons to do the same. It was an uphill battle with a few setbacks, but both of them have done pretty well in college so far, although neither has been able to afford a degree. Still, one had a 3.85 (Business major) and the other a 4.01 (Computer Science major) before they ran out of money.

Although “Change” has indeed come for the average guy on the street, it has not been a positive change. On average, we are all 6 years older than when Barry O. was first elected. We are six years further dependent on the largesse of a robber elite (steal good wine from this group, skim 80% off the top, give the dregs to that group) through socialized health care and the various food stamp programs. The ranks of the disabled have swollen as those who could formerly find employment despite various handicaps can no longer do so and yet must find a way to feed themselves and their families or starve. Like me, they knew years ago that they were qualified but elected to hold their heads up and do the best they could with the resources they had. Some, like the founder of Kinko’s, were able to do very well. Others weren’t. So now, with even the lower ranks of employment closed to them, they turn to disability pensions as a way, no, as THE way, of keeping a roof over their heads.

Just because there are no jobs available for 10% of the populace does not mean that they are willing to commit mass suicide by starvation … it means that, since they cannot earn their wages through honest effort, they will find other ways to feed themselves and their children. No city has enough beds for all its homeless. None. So we see ordinances calling for seizing vehicles that people are forced to sleep in … cops busting up vagrant camps in parks and under bridges so “the good people” won’t have to look at those who have already hit bottom … a bottom that awaits them, too, if their carefully arranged (and barely functioning) world takes a hit.

There are a LOT of college degrees staying warm by the heat of illegal campfires all across this country.

Self-radicalizing? Really?


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