I want you to take a look at this news article and tell me if you noticed what I did:


Back so soon?

Did you notice how readily this became a “terrorist attack”? Yet here is what the article actually said:

The suspect charged at the group for no apparent reason, police said. Thompson was shot dead by one of the officers.

“This was a terrorist attack,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said Friday. A clear motive has yet to be established in the case.”

No motive, but it was a terrorist attack. No apparent reason for the attack … but it was a terrorist attack.

Folks, if you feel like you are being conditioned to see “terrorism” everywhere, you’re probably correct.

There IS terrorism involved here, but not for the source we are being led to believe. Try this quote on for size:

“John Miller, who oversees intelligence and counterterrorism for the New York Police Department, said recent online history showed Thompson had visited websites related to those terrorist groups, the Times reported.”

So John Miller can get hold of a person’s search history without so much as a subpoena? If he can do it, who else can?

Mr. Miller won’t be charging Thompson with any crime … Thompson is dead and effectively beyond the reach of law enforcement. So upon what pretext did he obtain Thompson’s search history and from whom?

Let me suggest that this was not an act of terrorism but run of the mill “suicide by cop” by a guy off his meds.

Thompson wasn’t yelling Allahu Akbar (sp?) as he launched his attack. The cops were in a group by the merest of random chances … having been invited to pose just moments earlier by a freelance photographer putting together a portfolio of stock photos to sell.

Thompson had no way of anticipating that moment in history. He was, I postulate, either carrying the hatchet while looking for a possible victim and this entirely random grouping of officers presented the best target he’d thus far seen or else it was what he carried for personal protection in that part of the Wild, Wild, West known as Queens , New York..

If he had had terrorist intentions, it seems far more likely that he would have been packing a bomb of some sort in order to raise the death toll on his way out. Bombs are fairly simple to make and there are plenty of instructions available online for newbies to the craft.

So why a hatchet? Why four cops instead of forty or so at headquarters? Why not a busy corner, a full car in the underground rail system, a car on the elevated over a busy street or the crowd in many retail locations? What kind of terrorist launches an attack knowing that their own death is assured but that the list of victims will also be short?

Why cops instead of a crowded throng?

Well, this quote from the New York TImes gives us a little insight:

“Mr. Thompson was angered after a recent spate of deaths at the hands of the police, said Frank Sha Francois, Queens chapter president of the New Black Panther Party. Mr. Francois, who met Mr. Thompson through Facebook three years ago, described him as sympathetic to his organization, but not a member. Recently they marched together in a protest against police brutality.”

So, maybe not “terrorism”, but good old fashioned vigilante justice run amok (as such things often do).

I’m happy that he did not carry out his act with a firearm, as that would have only led to more cries to disarm all Americans. As it is, there doesn’t seem to be an anti-hatchet coalition on capitol hill. That would, of course, explain why the silence about using hatchets as weapons of mass carnage.



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