She’s been kicked off the podium, but it’s a safe bet that she is back pulling the same levers that got her elected to start with. Kay Hagan did not become a Senator by taking hints from the electorate and she isn’t about to start now.

The ones we got rid of this cycle are not actually gone. They are still in the game, peddling influence, making speeches and the whole mish-mash of things they did to support “the party” which convinced the party power brokers to back them in their own runs for office. Until you see their names in the obits, don’t rule them out. Even then, the people they supported / trained / inspired will still be harnessed up and ready to go.

I was a Young Republican in my early years. I was making pretty good money and could easily pay my dues and rub elbows with some of the local nabobs at the various low-level fund raising events. Hey, $25 for a slice of pizza and a glass of wine (I was underage, but so what … for a mere $25 it’s not like I was going to be served enough to start puking at one of these events) and a chance to dance the whole of “In A Gadda Da Vida” with a hot young judges wife … money well spent!

Then life intervened, and I focused my attention elsewhere. But I learned enough about how a political party works to understand that those running for election are just the public faces of those actually holding power and that these parties were part of the vetting & weeding out process meant to separate the wannabee cads from the gonnabee cans. In the meantime, the pizza was good and I and that hot looking young woman dominated the dance floor for the full 17 minutes. I knew how physically fit I was, but was surprised to find that she could keep up with me.

But it was a ‘one and done’. To be honest, I didn’t know her station in life until we came off the dance floor and someone whispered a note of caution in my ear. At the moment, I was way out of my league but my intention was to swim as far upstream as I could and eventually have a woman like her of my own. Attending parties like this and being visible was part of a longer arc intended to result in an elected position of prominence.

I should have stayed on that arc … I’d have made a good politician. Maybe not a statesman, but “good at the game”.
Shaking some of these people out of the seats of power feels good … but it’s not enough to fix a system that is fundamentally broken.

For one thing, we need to break the two party stranglehold on power and the way to do that is to begin electing independents and third party candidates at whatever level we can. When one of these signals that they have been co-oped by changing their party allegiance, we need to vote against them at their very next election. Once we have third party candidates obtaining office fairly often, we need to start electing people from even smaller parties in order to avoid exchanging a two-party stranglehold for a three-way cluster truck.

We need to put the 800 pound gorillas on a long term starvation diet and fill the room with sock monkeys instead. Until that day, there is no way that peaceful political action is going to shake these turds off the seats of power and restore the republic to its rightful owners.

We, the people.


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