I really wish the good folks who make Bud Light had just said “no” … to the people who called them on the carpet  for a slogan on their labels which said something to the effect of “takes the “no” out of the choice to have a beer”, or thereabouts.

Although it would seem that the slogan was intended merely to assure people that the beer inside the bottle was, in fact, safe to drink*, some smut-heads thought that Anheiser-Busch … a multi-zillion dollar corporation with a shit ton of lawyers, product focus groups and top-drawer advertising agencies … meant the slogan as an encouragement to, of all things, date rape.

That’s right, women of America, AB wants every one of you raped.

Or not.

If that had been its intent, you can figure that every one of that shit-ton of attorneys would have jumped on that with muddy wing-tips. We are talking SERIOUS product liability suits here. Every fugly granny bar-fly would be claiming that AB caused her to get date raped even if she had to pay for the room herself.

That slogan is not an encouragement to commit date rape … getting drunk on some strangers money is an incitement to date rape.

Women who are not willing to have sex with some guy, simply put, should not spend the night getting drunk with him. Women who don’t intend to have sex with some guy they meet in a bar already know this. In fact, they all do.

These would-be feminazis are asking the guy to have inhibitions when he’s drunk that the women don’t have. The more a woman drinks, the more likely she is to say “yes” at night and “no” in the morning. Getting guys drunk first is how ugly women get laid … the closer it is to closing time, the prettier a woman gets. By last call any broad with a pulse OR a body temperature above ambient can find a guy who will pound her for 30 seconds before passing out. Good enough … she really wasn’t expecting much from a guy 30 years her junior who was too drunk to walk straight … it’s enough that he didn’t puke.

I wish AB had, instead of a public apology, gotten on the offensive and called the dirty minds that saw a salacious invitation to rape in those fairly simple words for having dirty minds and the stupidity to make that known. I think  that AB intended no such thing and should say so, loud and clear. I think they should make it plain that the slogan, vetted by a number of well-educated women in a position to have vetoed it, stays and that the dirty-minded degenerates who cried foul can go.

It’s time to call the smut heads who see filth on every corner on their bullshit.

Seriously … we don’t need anyone to censor what we can read on the side of a fucking beer bottle … ALL the customers of AB are adults who do NOT need a nanny.


*I much prefer Shock Top Honey Crisp Apple Wheat, YMMV


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