Not that anyone has noticed, but it’s been a long time since I posted. I’ve been occupied with other matters … as have you. So it’s good to get a few minutes to muse about other things — in this case, politics.

I’ve been rooting for Ben Carson for a long time … writing checks, attending events, decorating my car with bumper stickers and talking him up.

While it looks as if the media is pushing for a Clinton/Trump confrontation, even after watching the final Republican presidential debate with the obvious media bias in favor of Trump and Cruz, I still think that Carson would make the better President. I’d like to see a Carson/Cruz or Carson/Fiorina ticket. I think that either combination would be overwhelmingly good for our nation and readily electable. None of that group is likely to go lightly on radical Islam, border security or our economy but with Carson at the helm, there is likely to be less rhetoric and more action. I see him as a guy who is more likely to lead the country than to measure everything he does in terms of some “legacy” or “the party” or even simply being popular.

Some of the ideas I’ve heard bouncing around that appeal to me are:

  • A flat income tax with no loopholes
  • A closed border, carefully and aggressively guarded
  • Changes in the health care system starting with requiring insurers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to divest themselves of stock in each other. So long as the income travels in a sort of circle jerk, there is no incentive for anyone to limit the cost of care
  • A reciprocity law similar to the ones in place for drivers licenses but applied to concealed carry handgun licenses.
  • A requirement that the DOJ prosecute all attempted illegal purchases of firearms. Not just a select few (currently running around 1/10 of 1%
  • Repeal of the 1934 Firearms Control Act for lack of Constitutionality
    • although passed under the taxation powers of Congress, the BATFE refuses to issue certain tax stamps despite being offered payment in full
  • The end of the secret courts used to eavesdrop on US citizens
    • the Fourth Amendment is to be respected in all particulars at all times and in all circumstances for all CITIZENS
  • A clear and consistent path to restoration of Second Amendment rights for those whose crimes did not use, or explicitly threaten to use, a firearm should be enacted
    • Amendment 14, section one, equal protection clause
    • this right is routinely taken away by judicial order on the mere allegation of fear on the part of a purported victim (restraining orders require virtually no proof of imminent harm or threat of harm, simply the allegation that the complainant is fearful
  • Changes in our educational system that include mandatory study of the Constitution at the high school level.
    • also mandatory programming classes (at least one semester) that count as credit for both a math class and a foreign language class.
    • a return to 18th century levels of literacy in literature, math, geography and the classic languages in the early years of school (through 8th grade)
    • elimination of interscholastic sports except as funded by donations and ticket sales
    • no more sending kids out on fund raiser drives which involve a commercial entity. If kids really want to sell Christmas cards and overpriced candy, let them pocket the money.
    • return of school-based marksmanship and firearms safety training (South Dakota schools have had two shootings in 52 years … both accidental)
    • Six career tracks through school
      • liberal arts
      • mechanical engineering
      • electrical engineering
      • chemical engineering
      • bio-engineering
      • earth sciences
        • successful completion of all the requirements for any of the career tracks should result in
          • college credit plus
          • an intership or
          • a job offer

What would you like to see done after the elections of 2016 that you think would make America stronger, safer, more prosperous and happier? What could we do NOW to make them a reality later?



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