Get your ass to Texas and hand out some bottled water. NOW!

Stop using “I suppose”, “I doubt”, “probably” … just get rid of those words and substitute “YES” and “NO”. You MAY have great firmness of mind … but you speak like a timid and uncertain academic.

You are trying to explain your point of view to people who can’t even understand your manner of speech.

Wrong vocabulary, wrong audience.

If you want to lead this country you’ll have to LEAD … and that means you must display definiteness of speech and purpose. Don’t try to ride along behind Trump and Cruz … it makes you look like one more FOLLOWER … NOT a LEADER. Point out the flaws in their proposals to deal with ISIS and immigration and unemployment, double-down on your opposition to Planned Parenthood … make it plain that “women’s health” does NOT include ripping living infants out of their bellies and that multi-millionairess Hillary Clinton has no objections to killing Black and Hispanic children in poor neighborhoods and nothing in common with “lesser women” who can’t afford $500 haircuts. And phrase it along those lines … not much stronger — but NO weaker.

She is casting herself as a defender of the “common woman”. Make her eat that characterization. Hint that you would consider Carly for a running mate and that Carly has done more for the average woman than Hillary ever has … she has employed them!carson-outdoor-signs-v2_92a741f0-0a32-4a1e-982f-80a9f16912cc_1024x1024

You’ve let your manner of speech label you as the “maybe” candidate. America IS in crises … you are absolutely correct about that … and America (and the world) need to see a strong-willed and intelligent leader at the helm. You clearly lead the field in intelligence … 67 honorary degrees later, we “get” that. But are you as strong-willed as your weak speech claims to be? If so, prove it.

Your scholarly speech is killing your campaign. Knock it off.

Stop supporting Trump … his war-hawk stance (echoed by Cruz) is going to give this election to Hillary Clinton. They will be painted as war-mongers and haters of Islam. Frankly, I think Islam leaves a lot to be desired, but “hater of Islam” will be interpreted as “hater of anything not White, male and, at least nominally, Protestant. Don’t let the mud she will fling at them stick to YOU.

Present a message that calls for using our troops to secure our own borders … to put a tourniquet on the illegal invasion now under way.

Make it happen: Weapons Platoon adapts, overcomes in southern Helmand

120324-M-PH863-015 U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Fabian Aguilar, an assistant gunner with Weapons Platoon, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and Lance Cpl. Michael Fitch II, a point man with Weapons Platoon., Alpha Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance, sight in while posting security during a patrol near the Helmand River, Helmand province, Afghanistan, on March 24, 2012. DoD photo by Cpl. Alfred V. Lopez, U.S. Marine Corps. (Released)

Resist the claims of being an isolationist by reminding people of the warnings to put on your own oxygen mask before helping your seat mates … that an America facing attack from within will be of little use to the world. There is a NEED to turn our focus inward — for a little while.

Get our troops back. Get them rested, healed, rebuilt, retrained and modernized. THEN tackle the world … with gusto!

As CIC, work to have soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen posted along the border (North and South and both coasts) nearest their homes so that a weekend pass will give them a chance to be with those they are protecting.

Obama used the shootings at Umpqua University and San Bernardino to decry the horrors of firearms … you need to use them to decry the horrors of walking around un-armed. PUT THOSE DEATHS SQUARELY AT THE FEET OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IN GENERAL AND OBAMA IN PARTICULAR. NOW THAT HILLARY HAS SPOKEN OUT ON THE MATTER … ROAST HER FOR IT!

You have to come out of Iowa win-place-show … “also ran” won’t cut it. If you can’t recover the series of mis-steps by the second primary election, go sit down next to Herman Cain … because the first step toward being a great President is to get elected.


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