The recent changes in your campaign staffing are, to say the least, overdue.

Now, get these people to vote for you. Every person in this photo has worked hard all their life to pay their own way. I know each of them personally (I’m married to the woman in the background) and can vouch for each one wanting nothing more than a fair swing at the American Dream.

The photo was taken at Kara’s House (a banquet facility) in Detroit.

I’m the White guy holding the camera and, until I left their religion and the state, these were my friends.


The hawks who flocked to Trump and Cruz after the recent terrorism attacks should take notice that you have brought a Major General (ret) from the Army to your staff. Not only is he probably a very good and capable person for his position, but you just got the attention of the men and women of the US armed services and foreign heads of state who wondered if America was about to elect a hot-head or a balanced man.

You’ve out-flanked Trump and Cruz with that appointment. Now, attack.

Make it plain that your commitment to fighting terrorism is complete and that nothing at all is off the table. When that question inevitably (immediately?) gets around to whether you would “make the sand glow”, respond with a condescending “Do you really think it will come to that?” Make it plain that Cruz got way out ahead of himself … that there is no scenario where nukes can be used that does not cascade into uncountable deaths and a new ice age. Explain that, while that would get rid of nearly all of the terrorists, it would also eliminate nearly everyone else, too, and that you don’t see the need to destroy the planet to feed your ego.Then make it plain that the US is committed to defeating Islamic terrorists in particular and all other terrorists as well and will take every measure needed to achieve that goal, beginning with defending our own borders from foreign invaders.

Checkpoint Charley 1961

The US defended the border in Berlin … we can do it at home, too.

Looking ahead

Ignore Cruz and take aim on Trump.

When questioned about this, remind people of the story of the two men being chased by a bear in the woods. The slower one correctly noted that they couldn’t outrun the bear and the faster one said he didn’t need to outrun the bear … only his slower friend. That’s usually where the joke ends and people, having heard it many times previously, will smile politely at the tired lines.

Then let people know that you are taking aim at the faster one … because you are the bear.



Der Spiegel, Poland: The bear wasn’t tranquilized after all. Run Ben Run!


In order to beat Hillary in 2016, you need to beat Trump and Cruz first. When you beat Trump, you will have already outran Cruz. Cruz is something you can circle back for if you need to … Trump is the target for Iowa and probably beyond.

It’s okay to say that you think that Trump and Cruz are fine people … but make it plain that you intend to invite them to your inauguration. Make this a real race.

When questioned about your foreign policy expertise, make it plain that you have every bit as much as any other Republican candidate and that the only Democratic candidate with more experience has a proven track record of one train wreck after another.

Mr. Carson … start fighting!

Oh, and stop using your yard signs as fund raisers … mail them out to all comers for exactly your cost to produce and ship … $5-$10 — no more. We aren’t charging you rent on our lawns, you shouldn’t be charging us to campaign for you.


PS: I’m still pretty disappointed that you support mandatory immunizations for an ever-increasing list of poorly tested and generally ineffective vaccines.

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you are a POPULIST candidate. If the vaccines are worth doing, there is no need to make them mandatory. That is an infringement on the rights of the people to be “secure in their persons”.


Until next time …


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