I keep going to the cbs.com site over and over again. The only thing that seems to change are the commercials.

I tried the CBS All Access arrangement for a week as a trial, but that wasn’t enough to stop the commercials. (When I rent a video, all the commercials are for other movies and I can skip past them. When I watch something on-line, I get so many ads for hemorrhoid creams that I start to actually need them … the commercials are a serious pain in the ass.) If you watch the same episode on television and then again on-line, you get treated to two entirely different sets of ads. Here lately, the network has taken to varying the duration of the ads … apparently trying to keep you from knowing how long you have available for a piss break.

I go anyway … and keep the volume turned up enough to catch the return of the show while flushing. If the show hasn’t already started, I go ahead and hit the fridge for a snack.

There were a few episodes of the shows that I like this fall (Elementary, Scorpion, Madame Secretary and Limitless … all shows with at least a smidgen of egg-head appeal) but nothing new from any of them the past couple of weeks. That, coupled with the lengthy summer hiatus of Elementary and the never-ending hiatus of Person of Interest and the outright cancellation of Battle Creek* is leading me to one inescapable conclusion.

I don’t need CBS.

In fact, I don’t need ANY of the major channels.

So long as the local news station keeps coming on once a night with their (mostly) local news and their funny (and mostly accurate) weather guy, I’m probably all set. The chicks are hot, the news is relevant and most of the commercials are for local businesses … not multinational corporations … that I might want to patronize someday relatively soon.

Scratch that. I’m not in the market for a car … new or used, or windows (BTDT) or much of anything that I see advertised on the television.

I WOULD like to know who has a good choice of smokeless powders, carries Dillon Precision reloading gear and is willing to get anything I might legally want that they don’t carry in inventory. Locally.

This is, after all, North Carolina and not some anal-retentive, gun fearing,  east or west coast state.


Okay … I stand corrected … North Carolina IS on the east coast — but it’s the SOUTH east coast and having a few miles of wild beaches and ponies¬† should not be held against it.

So, then, how about if Harbor Freight were to carry “as seen on television” specials or if the local hardware store had a sale on furnace filters? How about if the local music venues (anywhere inside the state is “local enough”) took a few seconds to advertise their upcoming events?

Is that too much to ask for while waiting for Brian and Paige to finally “do the uh huh”?

Heck, I’d be happy if the local junior high schools advertised their home games and offered a free hot chocolate to the first 25 people to show up wearing the school colors.



  • Yeah, I know, Battle Creek is not an egg-head show, but I’m a Michigan ex-pat and it was fun to watch them lampooned.

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