How about if all Presidential Executive Orders expired with the term of the President issuing them?

That would give “we the people” a “reset” every 4-8 years that would wipe the slate clear of the political bias that seems to be inherent in every one of these documents.

Obama is clearly hell-bent on destroying the Constitution by first gutting the Amendment that allows us to resist the abolition of the rest of it. Since Hillary, Bernie and Martin (sounds like a 60’s ‘kumbaya’ sort of song) are all in agreement with the anti-Constitution, pro-Agenda 21 viewpoint, they cannot be permitted to win this, or any other, election.

Mr. Trump (and ALL the other candidates this election cycle)… this includes you, too.

You may be biased toward great wealth and the means of achieving it … but we are not.


Do not think “Ah, what can they do?” unless you are prepared to find out.


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