It may be that my voice doesn’t need to be heard and that all I am doing is adding “noise”, not “signal”. That’s okay. If you don’t like what I have to say, you know where to find the “back” button.

Even so, I think that what I have to say will strike a chord with more than a few and, at the least, let them know that they have in me a kindred spirit.

I’ll do what I can to keep spammers and jerks out of the comments and I hope that others will volunteer guest posts from time to time. If you happen to notice that spam has somehow sneaked in or a jerk is making his / her presence known, please drop me an e-mail. I’ll take things from there.

I am a strong proponent of the Bill of Rights and look forward to the day when the Commerce Clause can be trimmed back to its natural dimensions. I am look forward to the reversal of Citizens United, which granted to corporations rights reasonably reserved only to natural beings. The notion of a corporation having the same rights as a natural man while enjoying endless life are repugnant to me.

I approach the topic of survivalism from the perspective of a man with moderate means.

I approach the topic of religion from a spiritual perspective, having been several times burnt by its organized practice or, I should preferably say, by its practitioners. Yet, I am not inclined to rant about these … organized religion has served a needed function in my life, interjecting orthodoxy into my disorganized perceptions, and may well do so again. I don’t reject it outright but, for the moment, it does not serve my purposes.

I tend to greet the major media with an obvious dose of skepticism … or borderline loathing, depending on what nonsense they have engaged in most recently.

My cats take what I say with a grain of kibble (Although I just tricked one into eating barbecue flavored chicken. Revenge is sweet!).

Keep your powder dry, your motives pure and your heart and mind open and we’ll have some fun. I promise.


* At the moment, any advertising you might see on this page was sold by Automattic and profits only them. On the other hand, they host the site for free … which is about what it’s worth.


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